How To Install TowMagic Google Chrome Extension (Windows 8 / non Windows computers)

TowMagic can be installed on Windows 10 from the Microsoft Store. If you don’t have Windows 10, or access to the store, there is an easy way to run TowMagic through Google Chrome.

Step 1:

Visit and select the SIGN IN option on the page.

⚠️Clicking “sign up” will not get you to the correct page. You must choose “sign in” 



Step 2:

Once you select sign in you can then begin the install. In the top right corner (under the X icon to close the browser) you will see either 3 dots or an orange/white arrow icon. Select the icon to continue.  


Step 3:


⭐Some Chrome users may have an option in the address bar to install TowMagic with the following icon
star install
Using this option will also complete installation. 
If you do not have this option please complete the following instructions.

A menu will drop down with an option (toward the bottom) will display “Install TowMagic.” Select “Install TowMagic" to install, the installation will proceed automatically.


You will be redirected to a TowMagic log in page .  You can now log in and start receiving your motor club calls and notifications!

If you have additional questions or issues with your install please Contact Us!

440-237-6653 Option 2 for Support