How to Enable Location on TowMagic Mobile (Android)

This article will explain how to enable location services for TowMagic on android devices

For TowMagic users receiving the enable location notification on Android 10 use the following instructions to enable Location on Android 10 (this process is similar on prior android versions as well)

Open TowMagic, log in, then select the Enable location services bar 



Your settings page should open, scroll down and select Apps



Scroll down to TowMagic or type towmagic in the top search bar and select 


Under the TowMagic App settings select Permissions



Under Location make sure location is set to Allow all the time.  If its not select Location
💡 Verify there are no permissions are set to denied, this can impact receiving jobs and notifications
⭐TowMagic will not track your location if you log out of the app after your shift



Select Allow all the time and select the ⬅️ back arrow until you are back in the TowMagic app.  


TowMagic location permissions are now enabled!

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Thank you.