How To Add Users/Drivers In TowMagic

This article will explain how to easily add users and drivers to TowMagic 4 

Updated 3/2/20 How to add drivers

Update 6/1/20 Each user is required to have their own login username and password

Adding users for dispatch as well as job assignments will keep your motor club ratings high, as well as provide you with greater audit tracking for call status, eta, and accountability. 

TowMagic features including driver location mapping and dispatch require every user to have their own login.  


Start by logging into your TowMagic account.  TowMagic

On the left panel choose settings then the Admin Portal option



This will take you to your Tow Magic settings page, on the left side select Users



Here you will see your existing user accounts, to add a user select Add User on the top right



Complete the form for your new user and select Add User

⭐Note 1: If you select the Driver checkbox, this user will only see calls that are assigned to them.  They will NOT have the ability to accept new motor club calls or see current motor club connection status.

⭐Note 2: Each user must have their own login after the June 2020 update.  Multiple login attempts will automatically log the previous active connection off.

You will be taken back to the user's page and shown a confirmation that your user was added successfully.


You can now give this log on to the new user and they will have access to dispatch and receive jobs!