How To Add Photos to a TowMagic Job

This article will explain how to add up to 5 photos to an active TowMagic job from the mobile application

Up to five (5) photos can be added to a TowMagic job from the mobile application. If you need the ability to add additional photos please contact us about upgrading to Dispatch Anywhere 

The following instructions are from an Android device, an iOS (Apple) device is very similar.

⚠️Photos can only be added to active jobs

Once a call has been finished photos can be viewed but not added or removed


Job_DetailsSelect a job in TowMagic to open the Job Details Screen, then select the photos icon on the top right
















The Photos section will show you any photos that are currently attached to the selected job

To add photos select the + icon









  1. Select Camera or Gallery

    Camera allows you to take new photos

    Gallery allows you to select photos you have already taken and add them to you job

  2. If you have selected Camera tap anywhere on the screen to take a photo
    If you selected Gallery browse for the photo on your device tap the image to add it to the job

    Thumbnails of photos taken or selected from gallery will be displayed under the selected images 

  3. Select the upload button to add the images to your job.  


If you have any questions about TowMagic Contact Us!