How To Add Motor Clubs To TowMagic

This article will explain how to add Motor Clubs to TowMagic

Updated 7/1/20 Added instructions on how to add Agero/Swoop.

Update 8/17/20 Added additional instructions before registering new motor clubs


Start By Logging Into TowMagic and select Settings on the Left Menu



The Settings Menu will appear. Select Admin Portal and the admin website will automatically load



⭐Note:  The Admin website can also be accessed in any web browser at


Enter your admin email and password



Select Contractor Accounts to start adding motor club accounts




Previously added motor clubs will appear here as well. To add a new account, select the Add New Button

⭐Note:  If you previously used another digital platform, the ID must be disconnected before registration in this step



Select the motor club you are contracted through and enter the required fields.


Adding Agero/Swoop/Tesla

Step 1:  Start by adding the required information. 

Step 2:  Make sure the account is connected.  The green connected icon will show and have a registration date.


Step 3:  Make sure your Agero/Swoop or Tesla accounts are configured in the Swoop portal

Step 4:  Test to make sure you're connected by sending a test call. 

3a. Log into your Swoop/Agero portal. 
3b. Click "Receive A Demo Job"