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November 2021


New Features

  • The Enter Impound Details task now displays any missing data for that vehicle that is preventing the letter process from progressing.  Useful for users who add vehicles via an external dispatch system. 
  • The Inventory grid now display the next upcoming task for a vehicle, the number of days until that next task is available, and a progress bar to provide an "at a glance" view.
  • Your Inbox has been redesigned to be more user friendly.  
  • Beta version of our new auto-recharge feature.  This feature will automatically recharge your funds an amount you choose once your funds reach a limit you define.  This helps ensure your account remains funded at all times (especially helpful when automation is enabled for your account).  If you would like to participate in this beta program, please reach out to support@towlien.com.
  • Tennessee - every search will now include the MVDS vehicle record report. This will eliminate the need to mail in the Request for Verification of Ownership. In a future update we will move that task to an optional task.  This new form can be found on the Notes/Attachments tab. 
  • Louisiana - the law enforcement agency input has been redesigned to a provide an easier entry experience.