How to print a vehicle packet in TowLien

This article will teach you how to select documents for your vehicle packet and print them with TowLien

Printing a completed vehicle packet is simple with TowLien.  

  1. Navigate to the vehicle.  
  2. Select the Blue Print Packet Icon  Packetunder Quick Launch
    Tasks - Vehicle Tools - Print Packet
    Navigate tasks
  3. ☑️Use the check boxes to add or remove the documents you  would like to print 
  4. Select "Print Packet"

print packet

⚠️Note:  If a letter has not yet been mailed, you will not be able to print the letter in the vehicle packet. 
💡If you have additional documents you would like to add for your state before printing the packet, proceed to the State/Misc Forms tab to add them.  

Setting a Vehicle Status After your Packet is Printed

After selecting Print Packet you are presented with an option to set the vehicle status
The current options are:

  • Mark the vehicle as claimed and set the claimant (remove from active inventory*)
  • Mark the Vehicle as Junk/Salvage (remove from active inventory*)
  • Mark the Vehicle as Sold at Auction (remove from active inventory*)
  • Leave the vehicle in Active Inventory (no changes)
    Vehicles not in "active" inventory are still available under the inventory tab at anytime.  This simply removes any tasks or additional reminders.