Using Requested by Locations

Using requested by locations will reduce the amount of time spent on input for frequently used charges and services

Update 7/21/2020
This feature is now available on our new TowLien product for all states!


Adding new requested by accounts


Using requested by accounts


Adding new requested by accounts

Setting up requested by locations can be accomplished in a few short steps


Start by logging into and select Account Settings 



Select REQUESTED BY ACCOUNTS from the navigation bar






  1. Add the Account and Tow Authorized by names
    💡Adding a short code will attach the code assigned to your letters setup by this requested by account Example
  2. Set the Account Default Charge names and rates
    💡Select the red + to add additional lines
  3. Select Save



Add as many requested by accounts as you need for quickly adding charges for frequently towed for accounts.  You can edit the charges at any time by selecting the name on the requested by accounts page.  



Using requested by accounts

Using the Requested by is completed on the Impound details screen.  

Select the account you would like to use for the selected vehicle under Tow Requested By
Areas with a star will be pre-selected from your account default settings⭐
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✔️Areas that are pre-completed by selecting the Requested By Account ✔️


When you are finished select Submit Impound Details On your vehicle details page you will be given the option to view and mail your notification letters


Letter Short Code Example



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Thank you!