Dispatch Anywhere Oct 2017 Update Features

Dispatch Anywhere Oct 2017 Update Features Video

DA Update (v0.27) 10/26/17:

New Features:

  • Added ability to assign multiple trucks and drivers to a job
    - Added "Assign additional resources" toolbar button to dispatch for assigned jobs
    - Display warning message on assign dialog that resources will be assigned in addition to existing resources
    - Show additional driver count on job preview
    - Show additional drivers on large grid
    - Show additional drivers on classic grid
    - On unassign dialog prompt for what driver to unassign
    - In Create Invoice / Post, always flag jobs with multiple drivers as warning to prevent auto-submit
    - Show driver selected for commission icon on services in Create Invoice / Post
    - Show jobs in driver history when a driver is an additional resource for the job
    - Show additional drivers on job edit dispatch tab
    - Clear driver and vehicle job counts on Finish
    - Clear driver and vehicle job counts on Cancel
    - Calculate labor from additional resources start/stop time
    - Option to assign new driver as primary
  • Added manual refresh button to dispatch more menu
  • Allow users to select labor calculator times from job timestamps
  • Allow drivers to access jobs assigned to them from any division

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issue unable to save job in DA when Bing is down
  • Fixed issue where two users are able to apply same payment twice if they open take payment at the same time
  • Fixed issue where drivers were getting finished notifications when adding previously finished jobs after the fact
  • Fixed assign button on job icon popup in visual dispatch (mapping)