v4.23 - Nov. 2018

New Features

  • Job messages are here! Drivers and dispatchers can now message each other important job information in real-time through Job Edit. 
  • Save & Auto Assign in Job Edit automatically assigns the best driver available based on your preferred dispatch mode. Advanced algorithms calculate distance, idle time, and driver round robin to give you the best ETA.
  • Decreased frequency of "Update service prices" prompt on Job Edit to only prompt when there is a price change pending. Hooray for less prompts!
  • Connection Info dialog that displays internet connection status.
  • Connect QuickBooks Online or download QB Sync through Settings.
  • Carfax sharing opt-out in Settings.
  • 5x performance improvement in loading dispatch data, jobs, and images.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed displaying incorrect number of assigned jobs on the driver and vehicle lists in dispatch.
  • Allow users without Create/Update Job security setting to open Job Edit but not save. Previously users were unable to open the job.
  • Disabled Take Payment for users without View Job Pricing security setting.
  • Fixed opening Take Payment dialog after viewing different jobs causes incorrect total to be displayed.
  • Set storage services that are configured with Continue Storage on Payment to be paid in full when there is no balance on the service after payment is received. Fixes issue with zero dollar unpaid storage services.
  • Fixed issue that prevented closing the Job Edit tab when clicking Save & Close button and there were no changes on the job.
  • Fixed unable to load Images tab on Job Edit if when there are corrupt images.
  • Fixed KM mileage calculation issue.
  • Fixed issue sending vehicles to TowLien.com.
  • Fixed error message mistakenly displayed when saving drivers or vehicles in Settings.
  • Fixed unable to set Member Limit from job template.
  • Fixed duplicate city names added to cities dictionary.
  • Additional minor bug fixes.