How to add locations to your account

This article will describe the location settings on your TowLien account and how to add or remove them.

Locations are used to determine where your mail will be addressed from as well as a storage location for your letters.  Towlien is designed this way to allow a return receipt to return to one location (where required) and show interested parties information on picking up their vehicle.  


1.  Start by logging in to your account and select Account Settings from the left navigation bar.  
2.  Once you are in account settings select the Locations tab.  
This tab shows your existing account locations and options.  

A.  Add - Add new location
B.  Edit - Edit location settings, phone number, address, etc
C.  Delete - Delete location from TowLien



Adding a location

Adding locations is a simple process, enter the address and details that are required by your state for your notifications and then Save.  There are a few things to pay attention to with locations.  

  • Office Hours that will show on your letters for interested party notification.  
  • Default storage location for ease of use when filling in vehicle details, your default storage location will be selected
  • Default mail from location for ease of use when filling in vehicle details, your default mail from location will be selected



For more information please contact support