How Do I Accept Jobs From Gerber?

This article will explain how Gerber jobs are assigned, dispatched, and how to get paid.

5/26/20 Update:  Added How To Get Paid

The Gerber Way: Wait For Approval After Selecting Your Job

To ensure your next job runs smoothly, remember these three important steps for using Gerber.


  1. After you sign up with Gerber, add Gerber to your TowMagic profile.
    See Article: How to Add Clubs in TowMagic

  2. Select the right job for you.

    TM accept

  3. Wait for approval👍


⚠️Important! ⚠️

⭐Getting the thumbs up is the most important part about riding with Gerber. To avoid an overlap in jobs, wait make sure you are the driver selected for the assignment.

⭐If you are unable to see the customer name/phone number its because the ETA has not been accepted by Gerber.  Do not dispatch resources to the job until you have received this information.   


4.  Once the job is completed you can find links to get paid in TowMagic and Dispatch Anywhere.

4a.  In TowMagic the payment information link can be found on the job.

4b.  In Dispatch Anywhere, the same payment link can be found in Remarks.


To get your company signed up, go to and select the software that's right for you. You can also email us at or call 440-237-6653. We will be more than happy to assist.

If you have any questions for Gerber, please contact Gerber Member Services Team at