v4.20.5 - Aug. 2018

We're excited to release the new Dispatch Anywhere with over 30 improvements; including redesigned impound and auto-complete business names! View the full list below...

New Features

  • Redesigned impound search results. We've implemented a new layout to display more vehicles at once, show more vehicle data, and allow more sorting options.
  • Auto-complete business names on job edit location landmark. It will also complete the address and geolocation.
  • Auto-complete address on job edit incident and destination locations.
  • Magic VIN lookup on job edit finds the VIN and vehicle from the license plate/tag.
  • Right-click is back! We've brought back the right-click menu on dispatch and right-click to copy and paste.
  • QuickBooks sync for both desktop and online versions.
  • View account information directly from job edit and dispatch menus.
  • New and improved desktop toast notifications system.
  • Display toast notification when a vehicle is released.
  • It can speak! We've brought back another popular feature to read notifications out loud. Great for when you step away from your computer and want to know what's going on in real-time.
  • VOIP integration allows dispatchers to call customers and drivers with your existing VOIP system right from Dispatch Anywhere.
  • Different views for search results allows you see your data in a different way than what's in dispatch.
  • Improved panning/dragging performance on map.
  • Improved drag job/vehicle pushpin on map to relocate behavior.
  • Navigate jobs lists and grids with arrow keys for the keyboard ninjas.
  • Pressing enter on jobs lists and grids will open job edit for the selected job.
  • Display Job # on job edit tab.
  • Improved image upload speed.
  • Pressing enter key on all dialogs will press the default dialog button.
  • Improved sync in impound.
  • Added advanced search on impound home screen.
  • Send to TowLien from impound.
  • Moved commission totals to the bottom for each driver in accounting.
  • Ability to edit the commission percentage for each service in accounting.
  • Improved support for high DPI screens.
  • Improved support for touchscreen monitors and laptops.
  • Improved performance and other minor improvements.

Bug Fixes

  • When dragging drivers/vehicles from collapsed side bar, the drivers/vehicles list will automatically disappear to show jobs list for drop.
  • Fixed frequent requests to geocode address multiple times.
  • View pdfs with embedded images.
  • Prevent charge locked services from being deleted on create invoices / posting.