TowMagic AAA Chrome Plugin

This article will explain how to download and install the Chrome AAA Plugin.

AAA customers will need to use a Google Chrome plugin to transfer calls from AAA's D3 into Dispatch Anywhere.  

Step 1

Start by visiting the Google Chrome Web Store ( and searching for TowMagic.

Direct Download Link: TowMagic JobSubmitter

Step 2 - Add The Extension

Add the extension to Google Chrome by clicking "Add To Chrome"

Step 3 - Configure The Extension

After downloading the extension you may need to click the Extensions button in the top right corner in Chrome and choose Options


Step 4 - Enter Club Information

In this next screen enter the following information.

Club Code: See Tip Below

Contractor ID: Username for D3

AAA Club Codes
  • ACA - AAA Club Alliance
  • ACE - ACE Common
  • ACG - Auto Club Group
  • AKR - Akron
  • AMA - Alberta
  • BCA - BCAA
  • CAR - Carolinas
  • COL - Colorado
  • CPA - Central Penn
  • HOO - Hoosier
  • HUD - Hudson Valley
  • MID - AAA Club Alliance
  • MINN - Minneapolis
  • NPA - North Penn
  • OAC - Ohio Auto Club
  • ORE - Oregon/Idaho
  • SCO - South Central Ontario
  • SNE - Northwest
  • SOJ - South Jersey 
  • SPA - Southern Penn
  • WAS - Washington
  • WCN - Western and Central New York

⭐ Note: This needs to be done before logging into D3. If D3 is open, you will need to close the browser and open it again.  

Step 5

The profile page needs to stay open and all active calls will import into Dispatch Anywhere.