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How to Enable 2-way Status with AAA

This article will explain how to configure your account to send driver status messages and clear codes back to AAA's D3 system.

Follow Steps 1-4 if you want the driver to finish the call and send the call clear code to AAA

Follow Steps 1-8 if you want Dispatch to add the clear code that is sent to AAA.

Step 1

The driver names in D3 need to match the driver names in Dispatch Anywhere.  We begin by logging into D3 and clicking Truckload and selecting a profile.

Step 2

In the truckload window it will list Facilities on the left and drivers in the middle. Make a note of the driver names in D3. 

Step 3

Log into Dispatch Anywhere settings and choose a driver.  Update the driver's first and the last in settings. Their name MUST match what you have in D3.  Example:  If D3 shows Michael and Dispatch Anywhere shows Mike, this will not work.

⭐ Note:  Display Name is not used in this step.

Access Dispatch Anywhere Settings: https://settings.dispatchanywhere.net/

 How to Add a Driver:  How To Add A Driver

Step 4

Log into your TowMagic admin settings and turn on data sharing.  Make sure the AAA username and password is updated.  At the bottom is a checkbox to turn on data sharing.  

Access Towmagic Admin Settings: https://settings.towmagic.net

The following steps will allow dispatch to add the clear code for AAA calls.  If this isn't selected, the driver will do this from their DA Driver app.

Step 5

Log into Dispatch Anywhere settings and choose your AAA account.  You need to check the box for "Send Driver Finish to Pending Finish."  

Step 6

When the driver finishes the call it will show on the dispatch screen as "Pending Finish"

Step 7

Dispatch can update the call with any other information or services.  Once the call is finalized, the dispatcher will finish the call.

Step 8

Dispatch will have the option to add the AAA clear code and add remarks.